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Bulk Bio Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

Bulk Bio Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

Product Description Appearance Brown or Green Liquid Odor Sea smell Solubility...
  • Regulated According to Plants′ Request
  • Seaweed and Other Orgainc Ingredients
  • Commercial Organic Fertilizer
  • Black or Brown
  • 7.0-8.0
  • 1.2kg/L
  • Black Liquid
  • 100%

Product Details

Chemical Character:Regulated According to Plants′ Request Raw Material:Seaweed and Other Orgainc Ingredients
Type:Commercial Organic Fertilizer Colour:Black or Brown
pH:7.0-8.0 Density:1.2kg/L
Appearance:Black Liquid Water Solubility:100%
Raw Materials:Seaweed Kelp Product Name:Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer
Other Name:Liquid Seaweed Product Category:Liquid Organic NPK Fertilizer
Product Origin:Qingdao Trademark:Hibong
Transport Package:According to Clients′ Requests. Specification:Black liquid, PH: 7.0-8.0, Density: 1.2KG/L
Origin:Qingdao HS Code:3101

Product Description

Product Description


Brown or Green Liquid


Sea smell

Solubility in water


Organic matter




Alginic Acid








Calcium (Ca)


Amino Acid







Super and quick water solubility, increases the utilization of NPK provide trace elements for plants
Enhance the utilization of all kinds of nutrients, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers
Improve soil structure, increases the beneficial microorganisms in soil, make soil more healthy
Assit in pest defense, ehance the ability of anti inverse and anti disease and age
Benefits flowers and fruits, improve quality and yield and then increases income
Environmental friendly, protects and improves environment

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