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super potassium humate 98% flakes/fertilizer super potassium humate 98% flakes/fertilizer super potassium humate 98% flakes/fertilizer

super potassium humate 98% flakes/fertilizer

  Specification:  Chemical Name  Approximately(%)   Humic Acid (dry base)   ≥50-70% per ask ...
  • 98%
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Humic Acid
  • 68514-28-3
  • Humi acids, potassium salts
  • C9H8K2O4
  • 271-030-1
  • China
  • Controlled

Product Details

Classification:Organic Fertilizer Type:Humic Acid
CAS No.:68514-28-3 Other Names:Humi acids, potassium salts
MF:C9H8K2O4 EINECS No.:271-030-1
Place of Origin:China Release Type:Controlled
State:Granular Purity:98%
Application:Agricultural, industrial Appearance:Black Granular
Product Name:Potassium humate Color:Brown Black
Name:Potassium Humic Fertilizer Source:High Grade Leonardite
Insoluble:< 1 or ≤5% PH:8 - 10
Humic acid:≥65-70% Kalium (K20 dry basis):≥10
Package:25KG/ BAG

Product Description



 Chemical Name  Approximately(%)
  Humic Acid (dry base)   ≥50-70% per ask 
  Moisture   ≤25%
  organic   80%
  PH Value   9-10
  Molecular formula   C9H8
  Molecular weight   258.35 
  EINECS   271-030-1
  CAS   1415-93-6

Usage method:
1. It can be used as top dressing, base fertilizer, strip application, spread application and hole application;
2. Spray (0.10.2% solution) on the ground and leaves;
3. Water 500 times of aqueous solution at the root; spray 1000 times of aqueous solution on the leaf surface, and then wet it;
4. Application amount per mu: 20-25kg.

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