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Top Grade Quality Ammonium Sulphate Top Grade Quality Ammonium Sulphate Top Grade Quality Ammonium Sulphate

Top Grade Quality Ammonium Sulphate

Product Description: Product Name ammonium sulphate fertilizer Classification Nitrogen Fertilizer CAS No.: 7783-20-2...
  • Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • 7783-20-2
  • ammonium sulphate
  • NH42.SO4
  • 231-984-1
  • Philippines
  • Controlled

Product Details

Classification:Nitrogen Fertilizer Type:Ammonium Sulphate
CAS No.:7783-20-2 Other Names:ammonium sulphate
MF:NH42.SO4 EINECS No.:231-984-1
Place of Origin:Philippines Release Type:Controlled
State:Powder Purity:99.9
Application:FERTILIZER first grade:fast delivery

Product Description

Product Description:

Product Name ammonium sulphate fertilizer
Classification Nitrogen Fertilizer
CAS No.: 7783-20-2
EINECS No.: 231-984-1
Formula (NH4)2SO4
Colour White
Nitrogen 20.5% min
S 24%
Moisture content <2%
Release Type Quick
Purity 100%
Certification SGS
Packing 25kg or 50 kg PP Woven NEUTRAL Bag


1.An excellent nitrogen fertilizer (commonly known as fertilizer), suitable for general soil and crop,

2.Can make vigorous growth of branches and leaves, improve fruit quality and yield, and enhance crop resistance to disasters,

Can be used as basal fertilizer, top dressing and seed fertilizer.

3.Can be metathetical reaction with salt production of ammonium chloride, And aluminum sulfate role in the formation of ammonium alum, together with boric acid and other manufacturing refractories.

4.Add to the plating solution can increase the conductivity.

5.Food sauce-color catalyst, fresh yeast production of yeast nitrogen source,  acid dye staining agent, leather de-ash agent.

6.There is also an important role is the exploitation of rare earth, mining to ammonium sulfate as raw material

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