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ammonium chloride dealer


Ammonium Chloride - ZACLON a Major ManufacturerZaclon LLC is a major manufacturer and supplier of ammonium chloride in various solutions and in solid (granular) forms. Ammonium chloride is used as an ingredient in flux manufacturing, water treatment, plating, personal care products, fertilizers and various other chemical applicationsAmmonium Chloride supplier distributor- CAS 12125-02-9Ammonium chloride is commonly used for cleaning the tips of soldering irons. It can also be used for many other various applications including, feed supplements 
Buy Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Chloride SuppliersBuy Ammonium Chloride online from WorldOfChemicals. We have the list of top Ammonium Chloride suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders with the Ammonium Chloride - ThomasNetManufacturer and supplier of industrial, plating and technical grade ammonium chloride. Available in the form of bricks and agents. Serves the defense Buy Ammonium Chloride Supplier/Distributor | ConnectionSynonyms: Salmiac, Sal Ammoniac, Sal Armagnac, Nushadir Salt, Salt Armoniack. Product Description: Ammonium Chloride is an odorless white inorganic Ammonium Chloride - Distributor & Supplier | CAS 12125-02Todini Chemicals is leading international distributor of ammoniumchloride, azanium chloride. Customised & guaranteed specifications for CAS 12125-02-9 Ammonium Chloride - Benco Chemical, Chemical SupplyBenco Chemical Ltd, based in Burlington, NC, is an experienced supplier of Ammonium Chloride to the North American marketAmmonium Chloride Suppliers USACas No. 39466-62-1. Molecular formula ClH4N. Molecular weight 54.5. Laboratory Chemical Suppliers USA. Ammonium chloride Ammonium Chloride Suppliers Manufacturers - FinoricAmmonium Chloride Suppliers BP USP FCC Food ACS Reagent Grade Crystals Blocks Granules Tablets, Houston Texas, USA

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